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We have made the following changes to our clinic in order to keep our patients safe for in clinic visits:

1- WAITING AND RECEPTION: is limited to patients coming for treatment until further notice.  Patients call the front desk when they arrive.  At this point the covid questionnaire is reviewed.  You will enter the side office door (driveway side) and Dr Stephanie will take a no touch temperature.  If the patient is complaining about shortness of breath,  Dr Stephanie will use a pulse oximeter to read perfusion. Hand wash station is at the side entrance along with masks (if a patients does not have a mask). Dr Stephanie will open the door so that we minimize patient contact with door handles. We are now utilizing the glass window at the receptionist desk.  We are currently only seeing ONE patient per hour. No patient crossing. Patients in the car must wait until patient leaving has left the office. Please do not try and enter the office the door will remain locked until it is safe for you to enter the office. We ask that you DO NOT bring jackets, handbags, or carry in anything unnecessary to the treatment into the office that creates unnecesary additional contact with surfaces.

2- ROOMS are completely sanitized and dried completely (like always). All porous surfaces have been removed until further notice.  Practitioner will wear a mask, glasses, and a lab coat.  All patients will have their temperature taken and questionnaire must be answered satisfactory before entering the treatment area. We are running an air purifier with HEPA filter and UVC sanitizer to make sure we take extra precautions to keep our patients safe. We are changing rooms with each patient to allow for time to clean each room and run the air purifier. Until further notice we will only be seeing one patient in the office at a time. 

3- Patients will be palpated, bolstered then treated. Patient will not receive any skin on skin contact, such as massage, cupping, or gua she until further notice.  

4-  When we open more fully - all staff are to use masks,  scrubs/ lab coat, and eyewear.  All staff will have limited time with patients and will practice safe distance.  No other staff other than the patient and the practitioner will be in a treatment room.  All staff will be required to bring a change of clothing to wear home after the office or their work area has been completely cleaned.  All staff will be educated on proper face mask placement, glove wearing and removal, cleaning of surfaces and social distancing practices in the office. At present ONLY Dr Stephanie will be in the office until further notice.

5- Office doors will remain locked and no one will be permitted to enter the premises other than the patient and only at the scheduled time. 

6- When you leave the office, you will exit through the front door, this will allow for payment and  rescheduling, as well as assure that you are not coming in contact with anyone else.